The Best Movie Theater Food, In Order (photos)

The grocery chain initially distributed the goods only to Feeding America Southwest Virginia in Salem and the Cincinnati-based Freestore Food Bank. Kroger officials say that the program was so efficient that another 12 food banks have been added, and that more than eight million items worth more than $14.3 million have been sent directly to the food banks. Feeding America Southwest Virginia is processing the goods out of its Salem distribution center for all the food banks. Kroger equipped the Salem food bank with software and hardware to process and track goods from the 120 stores in the Kroger Mid-Atlantic region. It also pays for a supervisor to oversee the process at the Salem distribution center. The grocery store donates its unsold nonperishable goods, using the same level of supply chain management that the company uses with its existing perishable donation program across its 2,400 stores, Oscar Fussenegger , corporate reclamation manager for Kroger, said in a news release. Its a win-win situation, said Carl York, spokesman for Krogers Mid-Atlantic region that has headquarters in Roanoke and covers Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and the eastern portions of Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. Food banks are getting more food donations and less waste because they are involved earlier in the process, York said. Kroger is saving money and has better control of its inventory. Kroger initially considered setting up its own reclamation center, but instead decided to cut out the middleman and partner with food banks to make them reclamation centers. With software and training from Kroger, Feeding America discards the trash, obtains data needed to process vendor payments or credits due to Kroger, and then distributes the edible and safe food to hungry people, Fussenegger said. For years, Kroger sent its unsold non perishable products to third-party companies that would discard damaged foods and send the rest back to the manufacturer, sell the goods to discount operations or route the goods to food banks.

Somehow these manage to be completely unremarkable. 10 Guys, there is a time and a place. Just come on. 9 Even people who love Whoppers will admit that they are really strange. 8 Flickr: stu_spivack Okay. A hot dog is the most meal-like thing anyone should be eating in a movie theater. 7 You can’t really mess with a classic. 5 Sweet Tarts Amazon These are what Sour Patch Kids hope they’ll be when they grow up and stop cutting the ever-loving shit out of peoples’ mouths. 4 Twizzlers? What is a Twizzler. Never heard of it. 2 These are the best candies available at a concession stand.