New York Giants Stats That Matter Through Week 4

New York claims Wells Fargo mortgage-servicing fixes ‘not good enough’

NEW YORK — Deriding Wells Fargo’s mortgage-servicing process as “Byzantine,” New York Atty. Gen. Eric Schneiderman said the bank’s efforts to help homeowners were simply “not good enough.” Schneiderman announced Wednesday that his office has filed a complaint against the San Francisco-based financial giant over what he claims is its failure to comply with last year’s landmark $25-billion National Mortgage Settlement. Schneiderman said Wells Fargo sent a letter to a committee monitoring the mortgage settlement offering to voluntarily take steps, but the bank refused to acknowledge its shortcomings. Their communication with customers is terrible, Schneiderman told reporters Wednesday at his offices in Manhattan. Theyre not providing the right folks with the ability to close a deal. And, Schneiderman added, the bank continues to enter into servicing contracts with other companies, forcing homeowners to start all over again with a new servicer. At a news conference at his Manhattan offices, Schneiderman mocked a Wells Fargo letter to a homeowner. Brandishing a copy, he read excerpts riddled with unclear writing, typos and stray characters not from any recognizable alphabet. I appreciate their efforts at honoring the diversity of New York and the fact that they are looking out for the Martian-speaking population, Schneiderman said. The Wells Fargo lawsuit was announced along with a parallel agreement with Bank of America over similar claims. B of A agreed to designate high-level staff to work with counseling and legal-services agencies to speed up pending or delayed modification requests. The bank also agreed, for example, to improve its communications with borrowers over missing documents. Schneiderman left open the possibility of an agreement with Wells Fargo. There is nothing stopping them from stepping forward and negotiating something, the attorney general said. Their offer of voluntary changes and no deadlines, and no specific procedures or policies is simply not good enough. Wells Fargo has been, if not the, then certainly one of the, most difficult banks all across America in dealing with homeowners, Schneiderman said. Wells Fargo said in a statement Tuesday that New York’s lawsuit was “very disappointing.” The bank said it was committed to the terms of the mortgage settlement.

Giants on third down 50% (32nd) 69.1 and 56.3: That’s Eli Manning’s passer rating and completion percentage, and both numbers rank in the bottom-six in the league, respectively. That rating is his lowest since his 2004 rookie campaign. He also leads the league with nine interceptions and has been sacked more times than all but two other quarterbacks. A list of qualifying quarterbacks with lower ratings than Manning: Chad Henne, Christian Ponder, Geno Smith, Brandon Weeden, Josh Freeman and Blaine Gabbert. 65.3: That’s Manning’s accuracy percentage, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). That’s a revised rateit takes dropped passes, spikes and throwaways into accountand it’s a formula that has determined that only Josh Freeman (now benched) has been less accurate than Manning this season. Where Eli Manning ranks 31st Pro Football Reference/Focus 4: That’s the number of sacks the Giants have recorded this season, which is tied for last in the league. They also have the lowest sack percentage in football. They averaged 3.0 sacks per game two years ago, 2.1 sacks per game last year and are now averaging 1.0 sacks per game one month into the 2013 campaign. The pass rush just doesn’t exist. 34: That’s the yard-line opposing teams are starting on against the Giants, which gives New York’s defense the shortest average field in the league to defend. 1,700: That’s the number of yards Victor Cruz is on pace to compile in 2013, which would be a career high. Yes, this is a positive stat.Cruz is also on pace to eclipse the 100-catch plateau while catching 16 touchdown passes. He’s having a remarkable season. Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports 3.9: That’s how many yards per attempt the Giants have surrendered on the ground, which ranks above the league average. PFF grades have the Giants defense rated second in the league, and Mike Patterson leads all NFL defensive tackles with a stop percentage of 14.8. How ’bout that; two happy statistical nuggets in a row! 0: That’s the number of times the Giants have stopped an opposing team on third-and-2 or shorter this season, according to Football Outsiders .