Memphis To Host Presley Concert Where Elvis Debuted

A poster for the gig that never happened

He showed hes ready for the big time. This summer, Cole decided to drop his Born Sinner album on the same day Kanye West unleashed his Yeezus, letting the chips fall where they may. Many figured underdog Cole would suffer accordingly. But in the end, it was Born Sinner with the hits and the sales. On the surface, Cole, whose personality has always seemed modest, looks like a performer who may not be able to pull off a full, live show at a venue such as the Fox. But his show Thursday, though not as packed as it should have been, proved hes a capable performer who lives up to his hype. Cole, boasting a full band and backing singers, brought a winning personality and an aversion to some of raps more lazy conventions to the stage. He focused on giving an honest performance and delivering an actual production, where some of his peers would have coasted with something more lackadaisical. After a mock news clip in which the newscaster announced he was in a car accident, the Jay-Z protege emerged on a two-tier set with a staircase in the center and projection screens for Born Sinner songs such as Trouble, Land of the Snakes, Runaway and She Knows. The Born Sinner songs kept coming, including Nobodys Perfect, Forbidden Fruit, Villuminati and Rich (expletives). Coles decision to weigh the show with Born Sinner songs was a good one. While many artists new album cuts amount to little more than bathroom break filler, thats not true of Born Sinner, a tip-top release front to back. Cole made sure fans left the concert with Born Sinner in their heads. Comparatively, his vast mix tape repertoire and his 2011 breakthrough Cole World: The Sideline Story got a smaller focus, though fans did get earlier songs such as Work Out and Cant Get Enough, before he wrapped with Power Trip. Wale, a rapper from the Washington area whose latest album is Gifted, delivered on songs such as Bad, Slight Work, Lotus Flower Bomb, Ambition and No Hands. Wale, like Cole, was greatly aided by the fact that he had a band (though Wales was obscured), which worked especially well for Wales more percussive set. Going for the up close and personal approach, he encouraged everyone to get out of their assigned seating area and come down front, allowing fans to fill the aisles and any available spaces. Let them live, he told security. Later, he rapped from the aisles on Pretty Girls. Kevin C.

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The gig was to take place in front of 12,000 fans but the old borough council refused permission for it to go ahead. Health and safety fears were blamed but fans back in September 1973 thought councillors were “old fogeys”. Now a tribute concert aims to make up for lost time. Organisers said the anniversary concert by a tribute band would be a chance to see what had been missed. “Pembroke Castle had hosted Hot Chocolate and other venues had regularly hosted chart acts, but nobody had at that stage had anyone near the Stones,” said Malcolm Cawley – DJ BB Skone – who was 24 at the time. A poster for the gig that never happened The Rolling Stones were organising an European tour and had been offered the chance to fill a gap in September. Word quickly spread as the promoters advertised the event, even in the national press. Permission had not been granted by the local council however as Ann Dureau, who was a councillor in her 30s on Pembrokeshire Borough Council at the time, recalled: “The response was utter horror. The councillors said it would mean closing the whole of the main street and shop windows would have to be battened down. “They were saying things like ‘we’ll be inundated by hippies and wild people’. “There was a meeting and it was thumbs down completely when it came to the vote, although I voted for it. “Young people couldn’t believe that we’d lost such an opportunity and in retrospect it was a bold plan and it was a pity we didn’t grab a chance to see what would happen.” Jon Williams, the current Pembroke Castle manager, said health and safety had been the main issue behind the council’s refusal to grant permission but there had been other issues too. “I think the promoter came to Pembroke Town Council very late in the day, about a month before the concert was due,” he said.

Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 1 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Memphis to host Presley concert where Elvis debuted 10Best Editors, 8:50 a.m. EDT September 20, 2013 Lisa Marie Presley will be treating fans to a free show on September 21 at Levitt Shell in Memphis, the same venue where her father Elvis Presley made his professional debut. Joseph Llanes After the concert, lucky VIP ticketholders will join Lisa Marie at Graceland for an intimate Q&A session, then private nighttime tour of her childhood home, Graceland. Joseph Llanes Presley comes by her musical ability naturally, being the daughter of Elvis Presley. VIP ticketholders in Memphis will hear about life with her father while inside the family home. Lisa Marie’s concert lineup includes songs from her new album Storm & Grace, for which her tour is named. Joseph Llanes The 3rd leg of Lisa Marie’s Storm & Grace tour has stops across the US, including New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Phoenix. Joseph Llanes Presley’s tour will introduce her fans to World Vision, a charity working in 100 countries to address issues of poverty. Presley, a longtime advocate for children, is asking fans at each concert to sponsor children in third world countries. Joseph Llanes The first 10 people who sponsor a child at the Levitt Shell event will also get VIP passes to Graceland for Lisa Marie’s private Q&A session and tour. Riley Keough, Lisa’s daughter, joined her mom at a recent concert. Also rounding out the family photo of women in Presley’s family are grandmother Ann Beaulieu and mother Priscilla Presley. Joseph Llanes The Storm & Grace tour will also feature the debut of Presley’s new song “People,” which will also appear on The Walking Dead AMC Original Soundtrack – Vol. 2…Sounds of Survival. It was produced by her husband Michael Lockwood. Joseph Llanes Presley is seen backstage, prior to one of her previous shows on the Storm & Grace tour. She has widely promoted the tour on television talk shows. Joseph Llanes Lisa Marie Presley’s band is (L-R) Damon Fox Paino, Keys/Background Vocals; Jamison Hollister, Mandolin/Pedal Steel; John Sands, Drums; Lisa Marie’s husband Michael Lockwood, Musical Director/Lead Guitars; and Luis Maldonado, Bass/Background Vocals Joseph Llanes The only daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie still visits Memphis often. When in her hometown, she sees relatives, and enjoys spending time at Graceland after visiting hours. Joseph Llanes Critics have largely agreed that Storm & Grace is one of Presley’s strongest albums — a mix of country, folk and blues, that’s at once sumptuous and haunting. Joseph Llanes Tickets are already on sale for the final leg of the tour, and fans can upgrade to a VIP package at select venues, allowing them backstage access with a pre-show Q&A and sound check. Joseph Llanes If you miss the Storm & Grace tour in 2013, Presley plans to hit the road again in early 2014 and is already hard at work on material for her next album. Joseph Llanes Lisa Marie and her band take a bow after a show on the Storm & Grace tour. Joseph Llanes Like this topic? You may also like these photo galleries: Replay