Hindi Movies Streaming Website Spuul To Raise $10m

“But what’s the alternative?” The movies that are available on file-sharing sites, he says, are “very rarely available for legal acquisition.” Unsurprisingly, MPAA spokesperson Kate Bedingfield disagrees. “Today there are more ways than ever to watch movies and TV shows legally online, and more are constantly being added,” she said in an e-mailed statement. “If a particular film isn’t available for stream or purchase at a given moment, however, it does not justify stealing it from the creators and makers who worked hard to make it.” Brito insists he’s not trying to excuse piracy. But, he argues, “I don’t understand how the industry is making a big show about Google not taking voluntary measures to help with piracy.” Hollywood, he says, could “change its business model to take their own voluntary measures to deal with piracy,” by making movies more readily available through legal online channels. If it chooses not to do that, he believes, they have no business complaining that tech companies aren’t doing enough to combat the problem. But Bedingfield counters that films get heavily pirated even when they’re made available in online formats. The Walking Dead was pirated 500,000 times within 16 hours despite the fact that it is available to stream for free for the next 27 days on AMCs website and distributed in 125 countries around the world the day after it aired,” she says. “Our industry is working hard to bring content to audiences when they want it, where they want it, but content theft is a complex problem that requires comprehensive, voluntary solutions from all stakeholders involved.” Finally, Bedingfield points out that the Mercatus Center counts Google among its funders. Correction: The original data supplied to us by PiracyData.org was inaccurate. It showed 1 movie available for rental and 4 available for purchase. In fact, at least 3 were available for rental and 6 were available for purchase. “Pacific Rim” is also now available for digital rental, though it’s not clear if that was true on Monday. We regret the errors. We also added some additional comments from the MPAA’s Kate Bedingfield to the end of the article.

RELATED SINGAPORE: Singapore-based Spuul, an online streaming site for Bollywood movies, classic Indian movies and TV shows, is in discussions with venture capitalists to raise $10 million to finance expansion of its operations. According to The Straits Times, Spuul especially wants to expand its reach in the larger Indian market. “The funds will be used to expand our technical infrastructure and team, provide marketing activities and create content,” said co-founder and chief technical officer S Mohan. Discussions with venture capital firms in the United States, Britain and Singapore are ongoing, he said. Spuul is streaming 2,000 movies daily and adding 30% viewers every month. Spuul has about 1,000 movies in its library. Two thirds of its current one million viewers were from India, watching movies on their PCs, smartphones and tablets. It expects to have six million viewers in the next six to 12 months and 600 million over the next five years, comprising viewers in the Indian subcontinent, Indian professionals and their families in other countries as well as Bollywood fans. The Indian market had 137 million internet users last year, up 26% from 2011. Fifteen million broadband connections were added in India between January and May this year. Spuul chief executive officer and co-founder Subin Subaiah said the company would keep adding new features to make it convenient for its viewers. Today, Spuul has launched Offline Sync , which lets customers view content without being connected to the internet.

The Worst Plot Holes in Sports Movies


Waitis it possible all of his characters are just exaggerated versions of himself? Nevermind. Plot Hole: The issue in this film is that the cooky inmates seem to have unfettered access to pretty much everywhere in the prison. The guard locker room and the office with their personnel files are among the areas not entirely off limits to them. Have you ever seen Lockup on MSNBC? Some inmates are literally supervised while in the shower shaving to prevent them from repurposing their razors into deadly weapons. Mr. 3000 Buena Vista Pictures In Mr. 3000 the late great Bernie Mack plays a baseball slugger who retires immediately after his 3,000th hit. Years later, it turns out, that through some inexplicable mistake somewhere in MLB stat land, Stan Ross only technically has 2,997 hits. Plot Hole: Years after Ross’ retirement he had still not been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, largely due to the error. So he comes back at age 47, eventually gets his hits, retires, and is whisked into the HOF. Everyone knows you aren’t eligible for the HOF until five years after retirementand back retirement doesn’t count if you return to the game! This would’ve been easily solved with a “and 5 years later” ending. Field of Dreams Universal Pictures If you ask me, Field of Dreams is nothing but plot holes. I’ve never read it, but I’ve always heard it works much better as a book. Which is good because the movie is a bit of a mess. Plot Hole: Ray and Annie Kinsella have a daughter in the movie, Karin Kinsella played by actress Gaby Hoffman, who was seven-years-old at the timewell below high school years. Yet early on, both Ray and Annie attend a PTA meeting regarding a ridiculous resolution to ban books. PTA stands for parent-teacher associationthat’s who attends the meetings. Parentsteachersand your friendly neighborhood crazy persons. Lucas 20th Century Fox In Lucas the late Corey Haim plays a 14-year-old stereotypical 80s nerd. Meaning that he’s in love with a girl who is out of his league, is terrible at football and is an avid collector of insects. Mercilessly bullied, he hates the superficialities of the popular kids, but obviously longs to be one of them. Plot Hole: Lucas encounters the girl of his dreams while out bug collecting and he goes on about the life cycle of the locust, which later comes up in the film. Well, it looks like Mr.