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Dasara food festival gets bigger

The sharp-tongued chef and writer lashed into the “World Famous” Frito pies sold at Santa Fe’s Five & Dime General Store’s snack bar. The store is a tourist attraction and a mainstay in the city’s historic plaza. The dish, according to Bourdain, was made with canned Hormel Chili and a “day-glow orange cheese-like substance.” But Bourdain spokeswoman Karen Reynolds told The Associated Press on Monday that the writer was incorrect in his description of the chile used by Santa Fe’s Five & Dime General Store’s snack bar to make the Frito pies. “He admits that ‘we got it wrong’ about the chile,” Reynolds said in an email. “And we’ll try to correct it for future airings.” In his critique, Bourdain also said that the local favorite isn’t even a New Mexico meal, but rather a Texas creation. He said New Mexicans should leave the recipe to the Texans. “New Mexico, you have many wonderful things,” Bourdain said. “I think, let Texas have this one.” Mike Collins, store manager of the Five & Dime, says Bourdain was “completely wrong” on the store’s Frito pie. He said their version is homemade from chile grown in New Mexico and remains popular. “I don’t have any idea where he got that from,” Collins said. “I mean, if we’re using canned Hormel Chili then I’d like to buy stock in that because what we have is good.” Still, Collins said he and the staff don’t have any ill feelings toward Bourdain. He said during the taping of the visit, Bourdain was nice and a pleasure to be around. Reynolds also said Bourdain enjoyed the pie, something that wasn’t clear from the show. “Contrary to the impression left by some reports of the show, I, in fact, very much enjoyed my Frito pie in spite of its disturbing weight in the hand.

“Eco” Status Quo? Why We’re Growing Our Own Food

This is the first post in the series. The past few years have seen a massive increase in demand for locally-sourced food in countries around the world. Fed by well-rooted concerns that processed food transported globally and treated chemically is not best for the planet or people, consumers are driving a new localism in supply chains. Most consumption decisions are made by individuals at the supermarket shelves. But behind this change in consumer habits is a global league of leading social entrepreneurs, innovating, creating new markets, and understanding the key drivers of human behaviour. Michael Kelly says Grow It Yourself The latest trend to hit the local food movement is to go straight to the source and grow your own.Increasingly consumers are asking themselves where their food comes from and how they can be sure it is safe and healthy.Five years ago, this prompted a real aha moment for Michael Kelly , Founder of Grow It Yourself (GIY) and now an Ashoka Fellow. Picking up a clove of garlic in Ireland, Kelly was bowled over to see a fresh from China sticker on as small and cheap an item as garlic a product which grows naturally and abundantly in Ireland. Digging deeper, Kelly found Ireland imports no less than 4 billion per year of produce, which could be grown locally, despite being a net exporter of food and drink. His solution was to plant garlic himself and convince thousands of others to grow some of their own food too.Through GIY, Michael aims to make it easy and sociable for anybody to start growing food for the first time. He has created a GIY network with dozens of locally-run chapters and events and an online platform to share tips and resources. Five years on, the GIY network connects more than 50,000 people and 800 food-growing groups. In Ireland, GIY is not just a network but a new cultural movement cutting across age and class divides.

You should know exactly what’s in your dish and how it was prepared. Explain cross-contact danger: Some studies say more than 20% of restaurant staffers think picking an allergen (nuts, for example) off a dish renders it safe. Your best bets: Order simple options (baked potato or steamed vegetables) and skip dessert (often a source of hidden allergens). Avoid buffets and fried foods, where cross-contact is high. On a plane: Forget airline food (pack your own) and sanitize your seat and tray table. Passengers with nut allergies who took these precautions had significantly lower odds of a reaction, reports a new study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.Also, don’t use airline pillows or blankets and consider telling those seated nearby about your food allergy. At camp: The number of kids who suffer from food allergies has increased dramatically in recent years, a new government report shows. Whether your little one is at day camp or away for the summer, give counselors and key personnel a written plan describing medications and instructions in case of a reaction. Prep your youngsters to know which foods are safe (or aren’t), never to trade food, and when to alert an adult. Always: Read labels carefully every time. Carry medication such as epinephrine. The Doctors is an award-winning daytime TV show.


Pastry, homemade chocolates, pizza, coffee, Italian dishes and those from across the country – you name and it and get them on platter. What’s more, they will be sold at competitive rates. The venue of the 8-day food festival, scheduled from October 5, has been shifted from Cada office to Scouts and Guides grounds behind the DC’s office. This has helped the authorities put up more stalls. Food festival sub-committee president M Rajendra, who is president of Mysore Hotel Owners’ Association, told reporters that star hotels The Quorum and Country Inn will put up their stalls at the festival to offer Italian dishes. Coffee and pizza stalls will also be set up, he added. This apart, the other dishes on offer are Karavali dishes, north Karnataka delicacies like jowar roti, yennegai playa (curry), shenga chutney and non-veg ones. Special items from Kerala and Tamil Nadu will also be on offer. The food will be served under four categories – Taste of Karnataka, Taste of India, Chaat Street and Non-Veg. “We have fixed the prices. If any stall owner charges more than the fixed price, (s)he will be sent out,” he said, adding that 100 stalls will be put up there. The food festival has been a hit ever since it was started in 2006. ALSO ON TOI