Drew Brees on Will Smith, LSU’s ‘Freak,’ Leonard Fournette’s leadership, and more highlight the week

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* “I have to lead this team in the right way. The little things come first. I have to make sure kids are getting to school on time and doing their homework. I text them every night to make sure that there’s nothing they need to talk to other players or me about. I’m worried about the little things. The big things will take care of themselves.” – St. Augustine’s Leonard Fournette, the nation’s No. 1 football recruit, talking about his leadership role . * Deer like French mulberry more than Miley Cyrus does the limelight. – Outdoors expert Todd Masson, talking about Louisiana deer’s favorite treat (and Cyrus’ VMA trick ). * On a bluebird day with a high sky and warm temperatures, a buck would maybe move if you shot a bottle rocket right at him, but otherwise, he’s going to lie down on the cool leaves in a nice shady spot and laugh at how stupid you are for climbing a tree and wasting your time sweating through your camo. – Outdoors expert Todd Masson, explaining why weather plays such a key role in deer hunting . * The rise and fall of rookie outside linebacker Eric Martin was particularly swift….