Amazing taste of retro sweets

Sometimes it is nice to return the days of our childhood and remember those trips after school to an old fashioned sweet shop in the local town, which were an Aladdin’s Cave stocked full of retro sweets. Jars upon jars of boiled, chewy, chocolates, toffees and liquorice were these to tempt a child to spend their pocket money.

This trend in the confectionery world for traditional sweet shop treats shows no sign of ending, with consumer demand ever increasing for people wanting to have that retro sweet experience to remember the days they would browse the pick ‘n’ mix counter to see if their favourite penny chews were there.

This demand for the ability to go and order for ‘a quarter of’ a sweet candy selection has now moved from the traditional sweet shoppe as you could imagine the Victorian era, to online retailers, who’s websites offer the wide range of confectionery treats, but now with the added bonus to be able to send them directly to your door the next day. Even, in terms of presentation, the retro sweets  can be presented in a traditional bag, as well as other forms of packaging that have become more accessible to small businesses with reduced manufacturing costs and innovative design, usually from overseas suppliers. Items such as embossed tins, sweet jars and elaborate cardboard boxes are now more affordable to retailers, who in turn don’t have to charge as much for these packaging options when passing it onto the consumer.

Seasonal events also play a big part here, with events like Valentines Day, Halloween and Christmas providing an extra wide selection of products for customers to choose from. Every year the variety and range increases alongside the demand from customers. The consumer public’s interest in these occasions starts earlier as each year comes around, plus there’s been a noticeable increase on expenditure over the last 3 years, in particular, when these occasions occur.